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Grape Days 2021


A selection of New Zealand’s most exciting wine research will be presented at the upcoming Grape Days events around the country.

Date: 14 Jun 2021

The events are also important as a gathering place for industry, and the conversations that happen in the breaks enhance the learnings shared by the researchers. 

Grape Days aims to share relevant outputs of industry-funded research, and this year has a strong focus on the seven-year, $7 million Vineyard Ecosystems programme, which is drawing to a close in the field.

The events around the country will be tailored so science relating to the most pressing issues for certain regions can be addressed. 

As with every Grape Days, the events are also an opportunity to hear the vintage update from New Zealand Winegrowers’ Chief Executive Philip Gregan, along with an update from the BRI on future projects, and a regional update from an upcoming viticulturist.

The 2021 Grape Days will also include segments on soil health, the Lighter Wines programme, and a session from New Zealand Winegrowers’ environmental team, exploring treated timber posts, biosecurity risks and climate change mitigation.

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