International Women's Day

Celebrating all the great women who work in the New Zealand wine industry

International Women's Day on 8 March, is a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to all the exciting roles in our industry and the amazing women working in them with a themed social media campaign.  

The 2024 theme is: I love my wine job

Action: Post a photo of yourself or colleagues which reflects your/their role in the wine industry.

Then tag: @womeninwinenz @nzwine #iwd24 #ilovemywinejob @your employer (if using a personal account)

Additional options: #internationalwomensday #connectinformchange @relevant regional winegrowers #nwine  #winesales/viticulture/winemaking/wineleadership (i.e. your role) or anything else relevant you feel fits. 

A few suggestions to get started:

  • Hold a tool which highlights your role – e.g. refractometer, pump, hydrometer, wine glass, bottle, mobile phone
  • Stand next to something significant – branded car if you’re in sales, barrels, tanks, tractor, vines, computer, bottling line, cellar door

Start posting from 7 March and over the following week. Have fun, get creative and enjoy! Men are of course welcome to be in the photos too. 

Gender Pay Gap

8 March is also the perfect date to check payrolls and packages and adjust if need be.

2023 International Women's Day

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