International Women's Day - Ideas

Ideas for your photo or video:

You can think about individual or group shots, still photos or a short video (a few seconds) or reels.  Remember to hold the globe so New Zealand takes centre stage.

Let your imagination run away with you ūüė䬆

Here are some ideas to get you started:

In the vineyard

  • In a vine row
  • With a bunch of grapes
  • With a refractometer
  • With some secateurs
  • On a tractor

In the winery

  • Sitting on a barrel
  • Next to the barrel racks
  • Amongst a row of tanks
  • Next to a pump
  • Next to a pallet of wine
  • On a forklift
  • In the laboratory

At the cellar door

  • In the doorway of your cellar door
  • Behind the counter in your cellar door
  • Next to the bottles in your cellar door

Around the office, along with sales & marketing

  • Next to your organisation‚Äôs signage
  • Next to display bottles
  • Next to images of New Zealand
  • Next to a branded car
  • At a tasting (in store or event)

Think about:

Mixing it up with individual and team shots.

Remember to avoid holding a glass or single bottle of wine in any photos which include a vehicle or machinery and just use the globe ūüėä ¬†We all know it is just a pose, but we also all know there are some speedy critics out there on social media.¬†¬† A case of wine for delivery with the globe could look good though.

Video ideas

  • Throwing the globe to each other
  • Raising glasses to each other
  • Closing a container or truck door as NZ wine heads off around the world
  • Any vintage action which may be underway

Remember to use the hashtags:

#womeninwinenz   #connectinformchange  #nzwine  #womenofwine  #your regional association

Remember to have New Zealand at the front of the globe.


Globes are available from many retail and online outlets, including inflatable ones. Eg. The Warehouse, Look Sharp, K-Mart, Amazon

Alternatively, there is a downloadable image here, which you can also use.

Connecting at Felton Road Vineyard
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