New Zealand Wine launches new brand essence and visual identity

11 Jan 2023

New Zealand Wine, Altogether Unique is New Zealand Winegrowers’ new global brand platform, highlighting the very best of the New Zealand wine industry. 

Incorporating the latest consumer insights, New Zealand Winegrowers worked alongside creative agency Many Minds to define its brand essence and create an accompanying new visual identity. 

“The combination of New Zealand’s location, people, and climate is simply magic. There is nothing else like it on earth,” says Mike O’Sullivan, Creative Director, Many Minds. 

“There were key words that came back from the insights, like our people, nature, and purity, which formed the foundation pillars of the New Zealand Wine essence of purity, innovation, and care.” 

To convey the essence of New Zealand wine, a short storytelling video has been created that aims to create an emotional connection to New Zealand wine. 

“This storytelling asset will tell the foundational story of New Zealand wine through the lens of the key pillars of purity, innovation, and care – aspects that make New Zealand wine and the New Zealand wine industry, so unique and special,” says Charlotte Read, General Manager Marketing, New Zealand Winegrowers. 

“With global activity returning to ‘normal’, it’s more competitive than ever to have voice of the New Zealand Wine brand heard, and a clear premium brand message is essential. Creating a compelling brand positioning for New Zealand Wine is important as we seek to engage and motivate evolving wine drinking audiences.”  

The short clip features Kiwi actor and winemaker Sir Sam Neill of Jurassic Park and The Piano fame, who has been a part of the New Zealand wine story for over 25 years. Established in 1993, Sam is the proprietor of Two Paddocks, a family vineyard based in Central Otago, New Zealand.  

New Zealand Wine, Altogether Unique, is New Zealand Winegrowers’ first brand refresh since 2006, and the new visual identity will roll out across global markets from today. 


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For further information contact:  

Juliana Foster  

Global PR Manager, New Zealand Winegrowers

Editor’s note:  

  • 60”, 30”, and 15” video edits can be found here
  • New Zealand wine is exported to more than 100 countries and is New Zealand’s sixth largest export good. 

New Zealand Wine Brand Story: 

Some places have unblemished sunlight, young soil or beautiful water. 

Others have innovation, passion for the craft or care for the land. 

But only one place has the purity of it all… 

New Zealand Wine. Altogether Unique. 

About the new visual identity and logo marque: 

The origins of three circular forms in the logo represent the three unique selling points for what makes New Zealand wine different - Purity, Innovation, and Care. These three circular shapes were further crafted into more geometric organic forms reminiscent of fronds you would find on a grapevine but rendered in a more bespoke and timeless style. The result is a highly contemporary mark, unique to New Zealand, that gives New Zealand Wine a more distinct visual presence on the world stage.  

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