New Zealander nominated to head OIV

07 Oct 2022

New Zealand Winegrowers is pleased that the government has nominated Dr John Barker as a candidate for the role of Director General of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV).


With more than 24 years of experience in the industry, including 10 years spent as General Counsel for New Zealand Winegrowers, Dr Barker has extensive knowledge of the global wine sector, and a deep commitment to its long-term sustainability in a changing world. Dr Barker’s vision is to grow and strengthen the OIV through engagement and leadership.


The OIV is an intergovernmental organisation which issues recommendations on viticulture and winemaking practices. It has 48 Member States and 17 Observers. The successful candidate will hold the Director General position from 2024-2028.


“New Zealand Winegrowers strongly supports Dr John Barker’s nomination for Director General of the OIV. Dr Barker has a deep appreciation of the history and traditions of the global vine and wine sector, but also recognises the current opportunities and challenges that our industry is experiencing today. He has the vision and the commitment to grow and strengthen the OIV, to ensure that it effectively addresses the key issues facing the sector, both now and in the future,” says Philip Gregan, CEO of New Zealand Winegrowers.


“We extend our thanks to the New Zealand Government for the nomination.”


Dr Barker said “I am very honoured that the government has nominated me as a candidate for this important role and I am grateful for the support of New Zealand Winegrowers. I believe that it is essential for the global wine sector to have a modern, effective and representative international organisation so that we can work together on the opportunities and challenges facing our industry like the digital economy, climate change and the role of wine in society.”


Dr Barker will stand for election in June 2023. He previously ran for the position of OIV Director General in a closely contested election in 2018.




Editor’s notes:

Wine is New Zealand’s seventh largest goods export, worth approximately NZ$1.9 billion in the year ended June 2022.

Despite producing just over 1 percent of the world’s wine, New Zealand is the world’s seventh largest wine exporter in terms of total export value.


For further information contact:

Amber Silvester

Communications Manager, New Zealand Winegrowers


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