"The NZ wine industry is in a very strong position with all the building blocks in place in terms of knowledge, organisation, communication, enthusiasm, talent and terroir (and brand recognition) and it is fantastic to see wineries and growers collaborating together for the common good, under the umbrella of sustainability"

Monty Waldin,, UK

To New Zealand’s winemakers and grape growers, sustainability means delivering excellent wine to consumers while helping the natural environment, local businesses and communities involved to thrive.

For New Zealand’s wine industry, it represents a commitment to protect the places that make our famous wines.

Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand is widely recognised as a world-leading sustainability programme and was one of the first to be established in the international wine industry in 1997. Today, 98% of New Zealand’s vineyard producing area is Sustainable Winegrowing NZ certified, with 7% also operating under recognised certified organic programmes.

Sustainability in action

See the actions New Zealand wineries and grape growers are taking to continue to be more sustainable. 

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