Bragato Research Fellowship

The Fellowship

The Bragato Research Fellowship may be awarded annually by the Board of Trustees at their sole discretion. Only one Fellowship per annum may be awarded.

The Fellowship will be such amount as the Trustees agree up to a maximum of NZ$15,000 toward the cost of travel, accommodation, manuals, books, course fees, and course materials. The Fellowship will be for one year only, but recipients may re-apply in subsequent years.

Applicants may also apply for other grants.

Applications for this Fellowship close on 31 March each year.


The following declaration is included in the application form: I declare that all the information in this application is correct. I agree to accept the decision of the Selection Panel, and The Bragato Trust Board of Trustees, as final and binding.


The Fellowship may be awarded to any student who has completed a Masters degree or Doctorate and who is involved in ongoing research. The applicant must be a New Zealand resident.

The planned research must be at a university or other research institution in New Zealand oroverseas, recognised for its research in subjects related to the wine industry. The research must be in a subject of benefit to the NZ industry.

Selection Criteria and Selection Panel

Applicants will be required to show a strong academic background and objectives that will have a long term benefit to the New Zealand wine industry.

A treatise on the research subject will be an important part of the selection process. Applicants will be required to submit full details outlining their work experience to date, study already undertaken, research involvement to date, and their plans and aspirations upon completion of the research undertaken.

Successful fellows will be required to furnish a full written report at the end of the Fellowship and may be required to present a paper at an industry conference.

Applicants may be interviewed by a selection panel appointed by the Board of Trustees. The decision of the Selection Panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


The personal information provided by any applicant for this fellowship will be used only for the administration of the award and for publishing the successful applicant’s name and photo. Personal details will not be released to any other party without the applicant’s permission having been given.

Applicants must attach:

  1. Graduate & Post graduate course academic results.
  2. A treatise of no fewer than 1500 words fully outlining why they believe the proposed research will be of benefit to the applicant and to the New Zealand viticulture and wine industry.
  3. CV, photo, supporting references and names of at least 2 referees.
  4. Proof of acceptance by the institution for the research for the year of application.
  5. Budget showing income and costs for the year.
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