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Otago Polytechnic vineyard, 11 Bannockburn Rd

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Cromwell Programme

Please note these timings are subject to change depending on weather conditions on the day, at the discretion of the Spray Days Team. We encourage you to attend the full programme.

To promote a high quality event, we have introduced a $30 attendance fee this year to help fund the involvement of industry-leading experts, and cover costs for morning tea and lunch


Sprayer Setup & Maintenance
Correct sprayer setup and maintenance is fundamental for effective spray rounds. These practical, hands-on sessions for sprayer operators will cover:
  • Sprayer setup and calibration for good performance
  • Pre and post spray checks
  • Assessing spray drift risk, and techniques for managing and reducing spray drift
  • Sprayer maintenance tips

Keeping Yourself Safe
A hands-on session for people who handle chemicals to look at: 

  • Ways to keep yourself safe while handling, mixing and spraying
  • Check out different equipment options
  • Practical tips
Planning to Spray
Preparation and organisation are essential for efficient, effective and safer spray applications. This hands-on session will cover:
  • Property spray plans and risk assessments, including spray drift management
  • Staff training and awareness
  • Strategies to keep yourself and others safe while handling, mixing, and spraying

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Spray Days 2023 Updated Cromwell Programme

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