Wine Industry Skills Survey

25 Sep 2023

The wine industry has commissioned a research project to conduct a stocktake on all of the current roles and skills across the wine industry - from vineyard to market - and to forecast the future skills needed to support industry businesses.

We want to ensure New Zealand has a strong, capable, and thriving wine industry comprised of healthy people and businesses. 

The National Wine Industry Skills Survey will capture the roles and skills across all businesses in the industry to provide a foundation to forecast the wine industry’s future workforce. 

Industry-wide participation is crucial to the success of the survey. The final report and outputs will be available to all businesses that participate in the survey and will provide valuable insights to support future workforce planning.

The survey is open from 25 September until 27 October.

A fact sheet and survey instructions are available to download via the links below. For more information on the scope and purpose of the survey, view the webinar recording below. 

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