3sixty2: The first NZ winemaker to introduce carbon offsets

24 Apr 2020

The story of New Zealand wine has always been as much about our exceptional wines, as it is about protecting the places that create them. In celebration of Earth Day, we're sharing stories from our wineries and growers about the steps they are already taking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Alice Rule standing in vine rows
3sixty2 founder Alice Rule

3sixty2 Wines are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their sustainability. They have just taken another big step by adding carbon offsetting to their online orders.

Alice Rule, founder of 3sixty2 and known in the winemaking industry for shaking up the status quo has done it again. 3sixty2 are the first winemakers in New Zealand offering carbon offsetting to customers at checkout.

To offer this feature, they decided to use a simple carbon offsetting tool called CarbonClick. It looks like a green button at the online checkout. When you click, it balances your carbon footprint by adding a small payment to your transaction. This goes to fund forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects that fight climate change. As the name suggests, it's just one click!

CarbonClick launched their platform in early 2019 to help businesses reduce their carbon emissions through carbon offsetting and improve their overall sustainability.

Alice sat down with the team at CarbonClick to unpick the process of incorporating sustainable practices into 3sixty2 wine:


What inspired you to offer carbon offsetting to your customers?

I always offset when I fly, it makes me feel better about travelling. When I discovered CarbonClick, I got in touch straight away. I thought carbon offsetting was something only available to airlines, so it was exciting to learn a small business like mine could make a positive impact right away. 


Have you made any other changes to increase the sustainability of 3sixty2?

Yes, carbon offsetting is just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve tried really hard to source all packaging locally with a low carbon footprint, even when it’s a little more expensive.

I actively look for wine boxes and labels that have FSC and PEFC accreditation, my beautiful label suppliers are Envrionmark Gold certified. My business cards are all from recycled paper and eco inks. We use no plastic other than shrink wrap, which is easily recyclable.

I can’t relax without knowing that I’m exhausting all options to put an end to plastic waste in my business. The challenge is knowing what's plastic and what can be recycled. I’m getting better at figuring that out each month, but it’s a work in progress.


Would you recommend CarbonClick to other businesses that are conscious about their sustainability?

Yes! I think every single business should join. NZ's goal to be carbon neutral by 2050 involves everyone. Giving customers a choice at checkout is a beautiful catalyst to encourage positive culture change. Even if customers choose not to offset, I'm thinking they'll be more mindful about recycling their glass, or cardboard box the wines arrive in.


What's the feedback from your customers so far on your mission to sustainability?

I'm not convinced people buy more wine because it is 'sustainable'. NZ wine sets the standard when it comes to sustainability. But it just comes down to trying your hardest to do the right thing, and that looks different to different producers.


What is your personal goal when it comes to carbon offsetting?

To just get it done and make little 3sixty2 carbon neutral. It will make me immensely proud if this can be achieved, because in all fairness; if a little producer like me can make it work anyone can.


Why should more businesses become sustainable?

Because our backyard is our livelihood. As business owners, we have to lead the change to sustainability. With COVID-19, it really makes you appreciate how fortunate we are to be in New Zealand. Our beaches, the mountains, the freshwater we drink. These are things we take for granted, and we’re lucky to be isolated in such a clean beautiful place, so let's keep it that way.


To find out more about CarbonClick, or to make a sustainable contribution go to carbonclick.com

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