An extraordinary vintage: Felton Road lockdown harvest

14 May 2020

Vintage 2020 for Felton Road in Central Otago was a story about respecting the privilege of the lockdown harvest, the commitment of their team & some Kiwi ingenuity to make sanitiser from biodynamic brandy.

In 1945, wine was made in Europe from grapes harvested during World War Two by the children of families beset by violence and famine... and it is recognised as a great vintage.

Seventy odd years away and on the other side of the world, grapes are once again harvested under extra-ordinary circumstances. As the fruit lazily ripened in an unusually cold summer and autumn, a global pandemic reached the shores of NZ.

Would the fruit culminating in a year's worth of careful viticulture be left to rot on the vines...or would the 2020 vintage be something that we'll be looking back on in year's to come as something quite special?


Felton Road Lockdown Harvest 2020
Central Otago
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