The Landing Wines: Toitū Carbonzero Certification

25 Aug 2021

The Landing, a 1000-acre coastal property in Northland, home to a boutique vineyard and winery, and four luxury guest residences has received carbonzero certification through New Zealand’s leading certification body, Toitū Envirocare. It joins a small handful of other New Zealand winegrowers and wineries certified as carbonzero organisations.

The Landing Wines Aerial View

Although The Landing is already carbon-negative (absorbing more greenhouse gases than it creates), as part of the Toitū carbonzero programme its businesses have committed to reduce gross greenhouse gas emissions by moving to renewable energy, transitioning to electric vehicles and reducing waste to landfill over coming years.

Toitū’s carbonzero certification means a business has measured all activities that produce greenhouse gases each year (such as using electricity, using fossil fuels, or producing waste) to find the business’s total gross annual greenhouse emissions. These emissions can be offset by investing in carbon credit projects that avoid producing emissions or sequester carbon emissions.

Significantly, The Landing achieved Toitū carbonzero certification not by purchasing carbon credits, but because the native bushland on the property – which contains over 1.2 million native trees planted by The Landing team over the past 20 years – absorbs more carbon every year than all businesses operating at The Landing produce. As well as being a carbon sink, the regenerated bushland is home to one of the most abundant populations of Northland brown kiwi in the country, along with many other native birds.

At The Landing, we are honoured to be kaitiaki of the unique natural landscape, native wildlife and cultural heritage that lie within this property,

Peter Jones, Director of The Landing
The Landing Wines Vineyard View

“At The Landing, we are honoured to be kaitiaki of the unique natural landscape, native wildlife and cultural heritage that lie within this property,” says Peter Jones, Director of The Landing. “All of these taonga have potential to be negatively affected by climate change, so we feel a sense of duty to protect them.”

“Achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is a team effort involving everyone in New Zealand. We are committed to working with Toitū Envirocare to ensure we’re doing our part.”

In addition to their commitments to reducing gross greenhouse gas emissions within the business, the bushland on the property will continue to be regenerated by planting thousands of native saplings every year, increasing its capacity as a carbon sink over time.


More information and The Landing Wine’s Sustainability Report can be found on their website here.

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