Yealands Estate and Their Sustainability Journey

28 Mar 2018

New Zealand Wine is serious about sustainability. For this feature on ‘Our people, our Stories’ we want to a look at an NZ winery who isn’t doing sustainability by halves.

When Peter Yealands first discovered a little-known corner of Marlborough, an incredible story began to unfold. By 08.08.08 Peter was standing alongside Yealands Estate winery with his sights set on becoming the world’s most sustainable wine producer. Ten years later, Yealands have continued their vision, with innovations such as miniature Babydoll sheep for tractors, chickens for pest control as well as playing classical music to the vines.

Not only this, they hold NZ’s largest solar panel installation, and harvest and bale approximately 10% of their vineyard prunings for burning at the winery which helps eliminate over 180 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) per year. For Yealands Estate their path of sustainability is a journey, rather than a destination.

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Solar panels seen from above at Yealands Vineyard
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