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The many qualities that make Marlborough one of New Zealand’s top wine producing regions are the same reasons it’s one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

Saint clair estate, green vines with mountains in the back
Saint Clair Family Estate - Awatere Vineyard

Year-round sunshine, easy access, an extensive coastline with sheltered waters, and bountiful harvest from land and sea make the region ripe for indulgence and adventure. 

Marlborough is the renowned capital of Sauvignon Blanc and is New Zealand's largest wine region. It accounts for three quarters of the country's wine production, 70% of its vineyard area and 86% of its wine exports. Neat rows of thriving grape vines stretch as far as the eye can see through Marlborough’s fertile valleys and it’s the ideal combination of climate and terrain that makes this such perfect wine-growing territory.

Diverse soils and meso-climates are revealing exciting new sub-regions and it is within these unique areas that Marlborough’s wine growing future lies. The many organic and eco-friendly wineries here are also breaking new ground with many adopting innovative ways to address the key issues of sustainable development.

As well as a wine lover’s dream Marlborough is also a magnet for nature-lovers including hikers tackling New Zealand’s Great Walks and seafarers keen to explore Queen Charlotte Sound and the coastline's many secluded waterways.

It’s also popular with cyclists and one of the best ways to explore the many wineries is to hire a bicycle or join a tour and spend the day visiting cellar doors to sample world class wines, local produce and fresh seafood picturesque. With more than 30 cellar doors located within a 10km radius of the main town centre of Blenheim, a ‘sip and cycle’ experience is the way to go.


Travel Tips

Marlborough is a 30 minute flight from Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city and around 20 mins’ drive from Picton if you’re arriving by ferry. It’s also just 1.5 hours’ drive from Nelson and a scenic four hour drive from Christchurch. Several wineries offer accommodation and the picturesque town of Blenheim is a great base for exploring the region. Several companies run wine tours from the town centre.

Don’t miss - the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre near Blenheim airport to see famous movie director Sir Peter Jackson’s rare collection of World War 1 memorabilia and aircraft.

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