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  • Cath Archer

    CEO/Founder | JOIY! | Wairarapa

    Cath grew up in small towns across New Zealand until she landed in Wellington. She always imagined being a school teacher, so starting a wine company to disrupt the status quo couldn’t be further away from those dreams. Cath, with her partner Chris, are the founders of JOIY! – wine in a can.

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    Mikela Dennison-Burgess

    Marketing Manager | te Pa Family Vineyards | Marlborough

    Mikela grew up in Auckland wanting to be a professional dancer, before deciding to study Communications Studies and getting hooked on Public Relations and the art of storytelling. After working at an Auckland based PR agency and working closely with te Pā, she packed her bags, moved to Blenheim, and joined the team as their Marketing Manager in 2016.

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    Courtney Sang

    Assistant Winemaker & Vineyard Supervisor | Obsidian Wines | Waiheke Island, Auckland

    Courtney grew up in Auckland, and initially studied engineering at university like both her father and older brother had. After working a few years in the engineering industry, Courtney had as she calls it a ‘quarter-life crisis. This 'crisis' prompted her to join the wine industry, and she hasn’t looked back since.

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    Emma Lowe

    Winemaker/Manager/Admin/Cellar Hand/Sales | Monowai Estate Ltd | Hawke's Bay

    Emma grew up on farms in New Zealand, and when her family moved to Hawke’s Bay in her final years of schooling, she decided to become a winemaker. After graduating with a Bachelor of Ag Science in Oenology she travelled and worked overseas for eight years, and in 2002 she returned to New Zealand with her Chilean fiancée to plant the grapes that are now Monowai Estate.

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    Patricia Miranda-Taylor

    Winemaker | Wither Hills | Marlborough

    Patricia was born in Olivar bajo - a small agricultural town in Chile 1.5 hours drive south from capital city Santiago. She studied to be an Agriculture engineer, and following graduation and a short stint at the Central Bank of Chile, she chose to follow winemaking as a career. After a number of vintages around the world and New Zealand, Patricia chose to raise her family in New Zealand, and is now a proud citizen.

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    Rosie Menzies

    Winemaker | Carrick | Central Otago

    Growing up in Central Hawke’s Bay, Rosie wanted to work with animals and become a Veterinarian. After not getting into the required programme at University, Rosie defaulted into a Science Degree while still trying to figure out what to do with it.

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    Anika Willner

    Winemaker | Coal Pit Wine | Central Otago

    Anika grew up in Ohio, USA, far from any wine region in the United States. She always enjoyed wine, and while studying for an undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University, she started a wine club with a friend called "The Ohio State Wine Club", and from there, her love for the industry flourished.

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    Rachael Everitt

    Global Marketing Manager | INVIVO & CO.

    Rachael is British born and had been living in London for 12 years when she started getting itchy feet and contemplating adventure. In 2016 she switched out a busy PR job in London to live the Kiwi dream in Auckland. She now works with Invivo as Global Marketing Manager, heading up trade and consumer marketing from retail campaigns to social and PR.

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    Nao Kumini

    Assistant Winemaker | Black Estate | North Canterbury

    Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Nao was working as a computer engineer in Tokyo when she decided to take a year off to backpack around New Zealand. That was in 2007, and fourteen years later, Nao is still living in New Zealand today.

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    Sauvignon Stories

    From the people who make New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

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