White Wine Emoji Message Board

In 2022, the New Zealand wine industry embarked on a quest to capture the WHITE WINE EMOJI which has been missing from digital keyboards since the late 1990’s. Unfortunately, our submission to the Unicode Consortium was declined, so the emoji still remains at large today.
White wine is one of the most widely consumed alcoholic beverages across the world, and yet there is no emoji to convey the popular beverage. During May, while celebrating International Sauvignon Blanc Day, International Pinot Gris Day, or International Chardonnay Day, express how you feel about the missing WHITE WINE EMOJI here.
When we’re able to apply for the WHITE WINE EMOJI in 2024, we will use your voice to help the campaign once again!
Let your voice be heard!


"How is it even possible that we don't have a white wine emoji yet? This is a travesty, nay, an abomination! We NEED a white wine emoji NOW!"

- Nicola, Australia

"Please, please, please...... can we have a white wine emoji :)"

- Leonie, Australia

"We NEED a White Wine emoji!"

- Toni, USA

"WHITE WINE emoji please!!! I'm a Chard girl and need the correct emoji.!!!"

- Denise

"A white wine emoji is necessary. We have red and sparkling, but they aren't the right energy. Sometimes a sauv blanc energy is needed."

- Sam, Australia

"I enjoy a good dry white wine. And pretty much anything from New Zealand. It's definitely past time to have this emoji!"

- Shannon, Canada

"Just do it!"

- Janice, Australia

"Please, please, please add a white wine emoji!"

- Mandy, USA

"It's time to include the white wines! ✨"

- Jan, Canada

"💯 need a white wine emoji I don't drink Red wine."

- Deb, Australia

"White wine emoji, please!"

- Kev, England

"Why no white wine emoji? The only one near it is for a dry martini. I drink white wine all the time but have to use the red win emoji. Come on, do the white thing and include an emoji for us."

- Baz, England

"I can't stand red wine... where's my white wine emoji plz (🥂🍷🥃🍺🍹none of these)"

- Nola, Australia

"It's time for the White Wine emoji. All the other emoji's come in multi-colours!"

- Deb, Canada

"Around half of all wine drinkers in the world enjoy white wine - it's time we had the white wine emoji at our fingertips!"

- Amber, New Zealand

"It's high time for a white wine emoji"

- Sue, New Zealand

"We don't want segregation amongst our wines- pleeaaase can we have a white wine emoji??"

- Merryll, New Zealand

"We need a white wine emoji!!!!"

- Diane, Canada

"It's annoying that we have to use a red or bubbly emoji ... still white wine needs its own mark!"

- Rosie, New Zealand

"Hurry up with the white wine emoji, we don't all drink red wine"

- Adrienne, New Zealand

"We need it! Surely it's not that hard so get it done!"

- Kalina, New Zealand

"NZ definitely needs the white wine emoji for the messages to friends that it's wine-o'clock and we're drinking our famous NZ Sauvignon Blanc."

- Denise, New Zealand

"White wine is our preferred wine so would be a better fit for us"

- Dwayne, New Zealand

"Yes please, we need this!"

- Lotty, New Zealand

"I want a white wine emoji please"

- Judy, Australia

"Please give us an emoji for still while wine, essential part of life."

- Denise, Aotearoa New Zealand

"Yes I would love it, even being a passionate red wine lover!"

- Gregor, New Zealand

"Time for a white wine emoji please. Love to celebrate with chardonnay."

- Sonja, New Zealand

"We deserve a white wine emoji!"

- Candice, New Zealand

"Tired of only having the red wine emoji, need a white wine emoji as well...pleeeeze"

- Graeme, New Zealand

"White wine is practically our national drink! We need an emoji for it."

-Lianne, New Zealand

"With 70% of the wine that New Zealand produces being white, it just feels weird when you're keen to use an emoji to express a wine you're thinking about and there's a high chance it's going to be white, and there's only red colour option."

- Charlotte, New Zealand

"A white wine emoji is well overdue for addition to the emoji board."

- Sheena, New Zealand

"White wine is enjoyable and it will be lovely to have an emoji of a white wine glass to show how enjoyable it can be 🤍"

- Jax, New Zealand

"44% of all wine consumed in the world is white! Why no emoji?"

- Chris, UK

"I'm tired of using the 🥂 emoji. We deserve a proper white wine emoji!"

- Maddison, New Zealand

"Come on! If you can give us a poo emoji I think you can give us a white wine emoji. Pleeeeease."

- Sally, UK

"We want and need white wine emoji!!"

- Yuko, Japan

"I'm always looking & hoping that one day the white wine emoji will miraculously appear, I'd use it all the time as will so many other New Zealand wine lovers!"

- Kelley, New Zealand

"Wine globally, needs a trio of emojis - a glass of champagne, a glass of red wine and a glass of white wine! We have the first two and not the latter and it makes no sense at all. With so many countries around the world producing both red and white wines, and even more consumers globally enjoying both red and white wines, surely it’s time to have an appropriate emoji!"

- Misha, New Zealand

"A white wine emoji will be successful in China"

- Bolin, China

"🍷🥂...White Wine Emoji please"

- Chris, New Zealand

"We need an emoji of white wine!!!"

- Kazutaka, Japan

"We need a white wine emoji to level the wine emoji playing field!"

- Nick, UK

"We need a white wine emoji!"

- Karren, New Zealand

"I'm annoyed when I'm drinking a nice glass of white wine, want to tell my friends about it and a red wine emoji shows up. We need a white wine emoji, - more white wine is consumed than red wine."

- Lori, USA

"Please create a white wine emoji"

- Shehnaz, UK

"Let's get a white wine emoji!"

- Islay, Canada

"Coming from Alsace, the White Wine Emoji is more than essential. My region is producing 90 % of white wines!"

- Amandine, France

"We need white wine emoji" -

Aliz, Hungary

"It would be soooo useful to have a white wine emoji (and rosé too!) I'm in the wine industry and it's really frustrating to only have a red wine emoji when talking specifically about white wines!"

- Patricia, New Zealand

"Cmon, let us have a SB emoji. Just doesn't seem right using the red 🍇 grape emoji when we looks at green grape s everydaaaaaay"

- Brayden, New Zealand

"We need a white wine emoji!!!"

- Jo, New Zealand

"Disappointed to hear it’s still on the loose! I scrolled through the emojis available on my phone – how can there be an emoji for every phase of the moon, but not a single one for white wine?!"

- Sarah, New Zealand

"Would love to see a white wine emoji added."

- Mellissa, Australia

"I’m seeing red! I just can’t believe there’s no white wine emoji. It’s time to do the white thing and give Chardonnay the freedom to fully express itself!"

- Nicky, New Zealand

"As someone who works in the wine industry and with social media, I constantly reach for the white wine emoji only to find myself grasping at thin air. It’s time!"

- Vianney, New Zealand

"Chardonnay is virtually planted in every wine region in the world. So, the world is planting white grape varietals, the world is drinking white wine and to message a friend while drinking a glass of white wine with an emoji that is befitting, not a red wine would be fabulous."

- Kerrie, New Zealand

"Chardonnay is one of my favourite varietals for white. It is frustrating when you message a friend that also loves Chardonnay, saying that you have the perfect bottle ready for a Friday night, but need to end your message using the red wine, beer, or sparkling emoji."

- Carolina, New Zealand

We're all about diversity so where's the white wine emoji. It's time people!!!

- Fiona, New Zealand

"I’m very DISAPOINTED!! Come on, let’s get up with the play! We need a White Wine Emoji full stop!"

- Narelle, New Zealand

"Very annoying indeed. Why should red wine drinkers have all the fun?  It’s time to give power to the white wine drinkers…give us our own emoji! (Please)"

- Lisa, New Zealand
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