Altogether Unique New Zealand Wine China Roadshow 2024

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Wed 22 - 24 May 2024
09:00AM - 05:00PM
Beijing and Shanghai
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Altogether Unique New Zealand Wine China Roadshow 2024

Once again, NZW will be organizing the flagship event China Roadshow in May 2024.

What's it all about?
"Altogether Unique - The New Zealand Wine Story" underscores that the uniqueness of New Zealand Wine cannot be attributed to a single factor but rather arises from a fortuitous convergence of various elements. This story is brought to life through New Zealand Winegrowers' annual multi-city roadshow in China, held each May.

The roadshow serves as a platform to showcase New Zealand's finest wines, uniting exporters and importers with approximately 1,000 trade professionals in New Zealand's primary markets within China. Beyond wine, the event offers a comprehensive lifestyle experience, designed to resonate with a broad audience, fostering lasting awareness for both New Zealand and its wines. The roadshow is structured into two primary segments: the Masterclass and the Trade Tasting, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of New Zealand's wine narrative.

Event Rundown 活动流程:

Walk Around Tasting 品鉴会: 1:30pm – 5:30pm

38 participating companies/ 70+ NZ wine Brands / 270+ wines

Target audience:300-400 trade professionals and wine lovers

Masterclasses 大师班:

New Zealand Winegrowers Masterclass: 1pm-2:15pm

Brand-funded masterclass : 3:45m – 5pm

Target audience: 50 professionals, including trade buyers, wine media, educators, and wine influencers

Regional Diversity

Explore New Zealand’s wine regions at the event with wines the length and breadth of the country represented.  Within these diverse regions, subregional characteristics shine through and wines are distinguished as being not just from a wine region, but from a subregion and a place.

A wine for every palate

New Zealand produces 1% of the world’s wine, yet offers an impressive range of high-quality varieties and styles. Whatever your preferences, we’re sure to have a wine to suit your palate.

New Zealand Wine Catalogue

You can find details of all New Zealand Wine exhibitors at our roadshow.

Discover New Zealand

Vanessa Wu (China Market Manager) will be available throughout the fair.  If you are interested in representing New Zealand wine, or want to find out more, please drop by or get in touch to arrange a time

We look forward to welcoming you to China Roadshow – please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any information.

New Zealand Wine - Altogether Unique


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