Chardonnay Day

Join us in celebrating Chardonnay Day and Pour Yourself a Glass of New Zealand Chardonnay!


Refined and fruit-driven, New Zealand Chardonnay is mouth-filling, with concentrated citrus and bright tropical fruit.

Known as ‘the winemaker’s grape’ due to its relatively neutral fruit profile and adaptable nature, Chardonnay lends itself to nearly all winemaking tricks of the trade.

During the 1990s, plantings of this internationally fashionable variety exceeded those of every other grape, and while Marlborough, Hawke’s Bay and Gisborne grow the bulk of New Zealand’s Chardonnay, the grape does thrive in every region of New Zealand from north to south.

Warmer climates in the north typically yield full-medium bodied, round, rich flavours and soft-medium acidity.

Cool-climate in the south regions typically produce medium to light bodied with greater acidity and minerality and fresh, citrus and savoury flavours. 

The versatility of the Chardonnay grape makes it a perfect canvas for our viticulturists and winemakers to craft masterpieces.


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