Scarecrows and Sustainability at Carrick

Scarecrows and Sustainability at Carrick

Autumn and the scarecrows have come to stay on Carrick vineyard!

Along with all the concepts and practices of sustainability, Carrick sees itself as being part of the wider community in which it grows grapes and makes wine. Carrick is a substantial employer of local people, all of whom live with their families in our community. The Central Otago Winegrowers Association organised a school programme that aimed to help local children learn about grape growing and winemaking (an integral part of their community). This programme included vineyard and winery visits as well as a hands on component that involved the making of Scarecrows. One class embraced this project and as a result several scarecrows from a local school came to Carrick to visit.

Fortunately the scarecrows arrived just as the grapes were moving through verasion and they took up their designated positions at the end of the rows of Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, just by the winery. They knew what they were made to do! Arms akimbo, helped by their friend the flying eagle kite they fixed their stern gaze on any marauding birds.

The scarecrows in the vineyard were visited by their creators and their families. For some families it was their first ever visit to a winery and vineyard.

The knowledge and insight gained by the children and their families about local vineyards, the acceptance of the vineyards as part of the community and the enthusiasm of the children, all contribute to the notion of winegrowing as a sustainable venture in our region.

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