Giesen’s Organic Commitment


Giesen’s Organic Commitment
1. With some non-organic farming methods linked to environmental issues, such as carbon emissions and ozone depletion, and growing health concerns around pesticide residues, the support of and demand for organic farming is increasing.
2. With an eye to the future for their children and grandchildren in 2009 the Giesen brothers embarked on a new path, that of organics. Giesen is committed to environmentally sustainable wine production practice and see themselves as guardians of the land and the environment they do business in. For Giesen, sustainability is a continually evolving process of monitoring and minimising their environmental impact.
3. Giesen ripped out an 18 acre vineyard leaving the land fallow for two vintages before replanting in October 2010 as a wholly organic, close planted pinot noir and syrah vineyard. Additionally, two existing Giesen Wairau Valley vineyards Dillion’s Point and Stump Creek are in the process of becoming 100% organic.
4. Once all this is complete Giesen will have more than 30 hectares under organic production.
5. Giesen had its first organic production in 2012, but 2013 will see its first fully certified fruit under BioGro. All the other company vineyards are fully certified under Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ).

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