Our Story

Our Story

Our philosophy is based on protecting ecological processes within the vineyard by not disturbing the soil structure. Rodger has a Masters degree in Rangeland Ecology and has worked with biodiversity for over 20 years and calls himself a Vit-Ecologist rather than a Viticulturalist. We do not cultivate or rip our soils, and always maintain plant cover under the vines to protect the soil surface from erosion. Weeds are recognised as nutrient recyclers, and their roots keep the soil pores open and can tap into the deeper nutrients, bringing them to the surface in their leaves.
Our vineyard site consists of loess over crumbly limestone (see soil profile picture) and, except for the very tops of the hills, does not require irrigation. We have very few diseases problems as our elevation (270m) favours a slight breeze and air movement. The steep slopes also allow cold air to drain away and we do not have frost issues. The vineyard was started in 2000 from a bare paddock, consequently it does not have a history of past abuses from pesticides.
It is sustainable in that it does not requires large inputs of water, nutrients or energy to maintain its status, and the ecological processes are intact.Our wines reflect this purity.

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