Vineyard Posts

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Renwick Vineyard is our oldest vineyard and in quite a small area we have a wide range of varieties and trellising techniques in use. This site clearly illustrates the evolution of viticulture in Marlborough with the transition from wide to narrow spacing and towards new more environmentally friendly trellising options. We have also planted some new varieties - Gruner Veltliner, Albarino, and new clones of Chardonnay.
With a move towards organic practices (although at this stage we are still not going down the path to certification) comes the question of vineyard posts. The traditional CCA treated wooden posts are no longer acceptable under organic management and while these posts can be reused on the same site for replanting, new posts must be made from steel or plastic coated timber.
Nautilus Estate Viticulturist Mike Collins says it has been interesting to view the differences between the vineyard posts. Although visitors to the vineyard often comment that the steel posts look less "picturesque" than those made of wood, from a viticultural perspective they are strong and straight allowing good control of the upper canopy. They are of course more expensive.

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