We believe in the concept of terroir and the health of the soil and bio-diversity of the land. We have followed the Sustainable Wine Growers' New Zealand nil residue programme during the year of vintage 2010 and have achieved full accreditation under their programme for vintage 2011.

Our sustainable commitment is shown in the things we do to grow our grapes and make our wine.

¦No irrigation is practised on the vineyard in the tradition of global best practices.
¦Minimum insecticides are applied in our spray programmes.
¦We use minimum of copper applications as the same remains in the soil forever.
¦We do yearly soil and petiole tests to determine focussed nutrient application programmes.
¦We return all non-diseased organic matter to the soil through an advanced Berti mulcher.
¦We prune our roots and rip the soil each year to control vigour.
¦All our vineyard operations, except for the spraying programme, mulching and canopy trimming are done by hand with tender loving care thereby ensuring the least compaction to the soil.
¦We encourage the bio-diversity of the soil by applications of mycorrcin, Agri SC and digester.
¦We are committed to making great wine with nil residues as our responsibility to the wine drinking population of this world

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