Tiki's Sustainability Story

Tiki's Sustainability Story

TIKI is a member of Sustainable Winegrowing in New Zealand (SWINZ) which provides a best practice model for vineyards involving the sustainable management of land and resources to meet the needs of today without adversely impacting the needs of tomorrow. The Maori principles of kaitiakitanga – guardianship, protection and preservation of the earth - guide all vineyard-management decisions. Merino lambs graze out weeds under the vines in the winter, reducing the need for spray herbicide and mower use.
To help increase soil health we apply a ground drench containing liquid seaweed, molasses and beneficial bacteria and fungi. Some conventional sprays have been replaced by organic options such as seaweed sprays that are BioGro-certified.
We also maximise recycling opportunities wherever possible and use the Ag Recovery process for all chemical containers. All old vineyard posts are either sold or given to local farmers who in turn use them for fence posts.
We’re hugely committed to producing our wines sustainably. We believe that this makes our wines better for you and better for the planet.

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