Waste Not

Waste Not

We are very fortunate to live in the beautiful region that is Marlborough. As a wine company, we rely on nature to provide us with her best fruit, which plays an integral part in the creation of our award winning wines. But in this modern day, nature needs to be taken care of too. We ensure that the waste created from the winery is recycled, and that all steps are taken to conserve water and energy.

All marc (grape skins from pressing) is used for stock food. All glass, plastic and cardboard is recycled, and winery wastewater is treated and irrigated onto a woodlot. Areas surrounding the winery are planted in exotic and native plantings, which soften the visual impact of the winery and provide a habitat for native birds.

In regards to water and energy conservation, heat exchanging water is recycled via a loop system and all hoses are fitted with high pressure, low volume nozzles. Rain water is collected for use in the gardens surrounding the winery. Insulation in the cellar and on the tanks helps to maintain temperatures and to reduce the amount of energy used, and the amount of energy lost.

Sustainability is an integral part of our ethos here are Whitehaven Wines. You can help us to extend our commitment to nature by recycling your empty wine bottles.

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