Seaweed, Comfry, Stinging Nette Spray

Seaweed, Comfry, Stinging Nette Spray

At Wrights Vineyard and Winery, Gisborne, we work from the grassroots to produce hand crafted boutique wines in an ethical and environmentally friendly way. Our grapes and wines are certified organic and grown using biodynamic techniques. In the winery additives are kept to a minimum, to show case the vintage, wines and terroir of the vineyard.

Just recently we have discovered the power of seaweed, stinging nettle and comfry. The process is very simple and very beneficial.
All it involves is going down to our local beach Kaiti Beach, Gisborne and picking up the seaweed which has drifted on to the beach after a storm and then taking this to our vineyard.
We then clean the seaweed by removing the sand and salt water, then storing the seaweed in a water solution with comfry and stinging nettle for 1 - 2 months. We try to harvest the leafs of these plants – comfry and stinging nettle prior to winter as they are not frost tolerant and will die off. During the soaking period it is important to mix every couple of days to mix it up and ensure that oxygen goes through the solution and the goodness comes out of the materials.

After a month, present will be this rich dark liquid, it smells just like seaweed/fish, but has this spark of energy, waiting to be applied as a foliar spray to your plants. The foliar spray should be watered down to a 5% solution and applied in the evening or on an overcast cool day.

By adding the seaweed foliar spray to our plants regularly the plants look much more healthier, stronger, and more even growth, meaning an overall picture of less disease and more fruitfulness. I recommend it and stand by this spray, as I have seen immediate results from a seaweed foliar spray, even in the area of knocking back powdery mildew.

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