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Does your journey start here?

Beyond the industry’s more widely known vineyard and winery positions, there is a diverse range of corporate and hospitality opportunities.

Whether you’re looking for your first job or have transferable experience and are wanting to take your existing career in a new direction, there are of opportunities available across marketing, sales, business operations, and hospitality services. These opportunities offer high-paying and immersive pathways into the industry, without the requirement of industry-specific education.  

Cellar Door Staff

Promotes and presents wines for tasting and maintains high-level customer service to winery guests.


Skill level required: Entry level
Experience: N/A

Cellar Door Manager

Leads a team of cellar door/winery sales staff who promote and present wines for tasting and sales.


Skill level required: Experienced
Experience: 3-4 years

Marketing Manager

Develops and delivers marketing strategies for the company and manages a specialist marketing team. Coordinates the activities of the marketing function, such as research, branding, advertising, sales promotions and product management, to achieve overall sales targets and marketing objectives. Identifies and develops new business opportunities.


Skill level required: Experienced
Experience: 5+ years

Sales Representative

Promotes and sells wine to customers by utilising distribution channels, market trends, and business networks. Entry-level tasks may involve merchandising and conducting wine tasting, while experienced Sales Representatives are likely to work with large-scale and international clients.


Skill level required: Entry-level and Experienced
Experience: 1-3 years

Business Development Manager

Identifies business and new growth opportunities areas for the organisation. Conducts analyses to understand and utilise domestic and international market trends.



Skill level required: Experienced
Experience: 5+ years

Managing Director

Oversees all aspects of a wine-producing business, including winemaking, vineyard management, marketing/sales, administration and more.



Skill level required: Expert
Experience: 5-10 years

Information regarding job descriptions and experience requirements have been sourced from relevant industry stakeholders and may be subject to change.  

Sold on joining the wine industry?

"I love the variety and opportunities my role has created for me. Any given day might include content creation, pitch presentations, customer service, database management and e-commerce, photo shoots, events, liaising with media and working with trade partners on training, and business development."

Mikela Dennison-Burgess, Marketing Manager
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