Winemaking and Science

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A career pathway in a winery can offer a range of scientific, creative, and operational opportunities, whether you’re new to the industry or have specialised qualifications.

Entry level opportunities are available every vintage, and through experience and study you can develop a career in winemaking and/or managing the whole winery.

Cellar Hand

Assists in the winemaking process ensuring production levels are maintained to agreed quality standards and all designated records are kept. Maintains equipment and ensures all work areas are kept clean and tidy. Cellar Hands with winemaking qualifications may have staff/training responsibilities and laboratory duties.


Skill level required: Entry level
Experience: N/A

Cellar Manager

Manages cellar operations at the winery to achieve production quality, efficiency, and safety. Team leadership and budgetary responsibilities. Typically responsible for interviewing, selecting and appointing temporary vintage cellar staff.


Skill level required: Experienced
Experience: 5 years

Laboratory Technician

Responsible for preparing and conducting all the standard tests, and some specialised tests as required. Reports any quality issues and works alongside the winemaking team to ensure the quality and safety of grape juice and wine.


Skill level required: Qualified
Experience: 3-4 years

Winery Engineer

Responsible for monitoring, evaluating and leading the mechanical production and efficiency of the winery. Identifies and resolves equipment or process defects, and operates equipment related to production, such as bottling lines and bag-in-box lines. Usually qualified and/or experienced in engineering prior to entering the wine industry.


Skill level required: Qualified and Experienced
Experience: 2-5 years

Assistant Winemaker

Leads or assists in the management of all stages of the winemaking process, including management of winemaking/temporary staff. May assist in decisions with respect to viticulture and harvesting of the grape crop.


Skill level required: Experienced
Training years: 1-3 years

Chief Winemaker

Oversees, manages and monitors all stages of the winemaking process to ensure the product is produced to agreed standards, budgets, and deadlines. May assist in decisions with respect to wine strategy, viticulture, and harvesting.


Skill level required: Expert
Training years: 5-10 years

Information regarding job descriptions and experience requirements have been sourced from relevant industry stakeholders and may be subject to change.

Thinking of joining the wine industry?

“It's kind of the best of both worlds, because you have that science element – the chemistry, microbiology, and then you've got the creative, intuitive side of winemaking, your sensory analysis.”

Anna Young, Trainee Winemaker
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