Latest Technologies & Innovations

Innovation keeps us a step ahead and it's important to stay up to date with the latest technologies for greater efficiency and carbon reducing solutions. 

Find out about some of those here.  

  • WATERFORCE are working increasingly with solar panels.  It's exciting to see how these are being used to drive irrigation pumps in the vineyard. 
  • ECOTRELLIS  are continually working on ways to make trellising easier and more resilient and sustainable.  Have you seen their new winged strainer post?  And their latest range of clips?
  • FENDT continue to push the boundaries with their innovations. This video highlights the need for resilience and safety of people in the vineyard and how the Fendt 211 can help with this. 
  • CLEMENS Technologies strive for constant progress, producing machines that will streamline work in the vineyard.  This includes vine care, soil cultivation, foliage management and mulching.  
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