Vines & Rootstocks

Selecting the right rootstocks and clones is an important part of creating a resilient vineyard.  It is important to work with plants which are GGS certified. 

The Grafted Grape Standard seeks to provide assurance to growers, viticulturists, winemakers and other stakeholders and consumers, that certified grafted grapevines can be described as 'high health' vines.  

New Zealand Winegrowers encourages all of our members to only use vines that are certified under the Grafted Grape Standard as there are both customer-specific and industry-wide benefits associated with doing so.

When starting a new vineyard or replanting an existing one it is important to specify to your nursery that you want certified high health vines.

All nurseries who are members of the Vine Industry Nursery Association (VINA) would welcome questions about the benefits of buying vines certified to the Grafted Grapevine Standard.  

Ormond Nurseries is a VINA member and been very involved in establishing this standard which is such an important protection for our vineyards.

Find out more about what they do here:


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