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  • Marlborough, Story

    Discover: Marlborough

    The many qualities that make Marlborough one of New Zealand’s top wine producing regions are the same reasons it’s one of the most popular destinations for tourists.

  • North Canterbury, Story

    Discover: Christchurch & North Canterbury

    The vast plains and valleys of Canterbury, New Zealand’s largest region, hold some of the country’s best wine secrets with hidden gems ripe for discovery.

  • Story, Waitaki Valley

    Discover: Waitaki

    Waitaki is New Zealand's newest wine region and it is already quietly making some of New Zealand's best drops.

  • Central Otago, Story

    Discover: Central Otago

    Central Otago is further from the sea than anywhere else in New Zealand and with the country’s hottest, coldest and driest climate, it’s a winning recipe for wine-growing.

  • 25 Sep 2019
    Northland, Story

    Grape expectations – New Zealand’s bicentennial

    In 2019, New Zealand celebrates two important bicentennials – the 200th anniversaries of both the establishment of the Kerikeri Mission Station and the planting of grapes in New Zealand. The two have a close connection….

  • Story

    New Zealand wine - champions of sustainability

    Sustainability is deeply rooted in the New Zealand wine industry and in this ‘new’ world such a commitment promises to pay dividends.

  • Story

    Celebrate International Sauvignon Blanc Day with New Zealand

    In every glass of Sauvignon Blanc, discover a taste of New Zealand. On May 7, International Sauvignon Blanc Day, raise a glass to New Zealand's flagship wine, and its continuing evolution.

  • Story

    The Sauvignon Blanc capital of the world

    In the 1970's, a New Zealander dreamed of creating a new style of wine. Now New Zealand is synonymous with the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc.

  • Explore our winestyles

    The world’s love affair with New Zealand wine grows as wine lovers continue to explore our diverse range of wine varieties and styles. Central to the success of New Zealand wine is our temperate maritime climate, the unwavering passion of our wine producers, and the highly distinctive nature of our wine styles.

  • Story

    NZ celebrates Pinot Noir success story

    Wind the clock back 20 years and Pinot Noir was barely known, leave alone grown, in New Zealand. But today there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the variety, and on 18 August Kiwis will be doing just that.

  • Story

    Jen Parr: Pinot Personality

    Home to breathtaking views at every turn, incredible local produce and, of course, some of the most prized Pinot on Earth, Central Otago is paradise for Jen Parr, winemaker for the highly-acclaimed Valli Vineyards. We asked Jen for her guide to wining, dining and life in this wild and wonderful place.

  • Story

    Cairn Coghill: Pinot Personality

    Hawke’s Bay is home to breathtaking beauty, both natural and manmade. The landscape incorporates a wealth of art deco architecture, running through rivers, alluvial plains, to the ocean and up into the mountains.
    Dotted throughout this incredible scenery are some of New Zealand’s finest wineries, among them Sileni Wines – home and heart of Cairn Coghill, its senior winemaker. We asked Cairn to share his take on Pinot from the cool climate sub-regions of Hawke’s Bay, and what winemaking in Hawke’s Bay means to him.

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