New Zealand viticulturists have a special relationship with their soil because of the strong influence it has on the style and character of resulting wines.

Person holding clay soil
Moutere clays: Neudorf Vineyards

Maintaining soil health is important to help sustain the industry for generations to come and also for the quality of our wine.

New Zealand’s vineyards thrive on many soil types, from heavy, water-retaining clay loams, to dry stony riverbeds, and more fertile flood plains, all of which require different management techniques to assist vines to produce superior fruit.

Careful soil management helps to maintain a balanced environment. It increases resilience to climate change, assists with reducing erosion, increases water retention and nutrient availability, reduces pest and disease risk and plays an increasingly well-understood role in the sequestration of atmospheric carbon.

With so much riding on the health and stability of our soils, viticulturists continue to lead the way in employing sustainable practices to preserve and enhance this vital substance.

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