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Climate Change

Our target is to be carbon neutral by 2050.

100% of SWNZ wineries and vineyards are provided with personalised greenhouse gas reports.

Being carbon-conscious isn’t a goal, it’s a way of life. Our wines travel a long way from vine to bottle and beyond. We know that every kilometre travelled, every step in that process, has an impact on the planet, so collectively we work hard to reduce emissions on home soil. We keep our footprint in mind at every stage of the production process –
measuring, benchmarking, and reporting our numbers transparently.

Solar panels at Yealands Estate.
Yealands Estate

Our members now measure and report the emissions associated with the production phase of wine through our SWNZ certification programme. This data covers approximately 80% of the emissions associated with the production of our wine. At a national level, the New Zealand wine industry is unique amongst key wine-producing countries in being able to make that claim.

Individualised emission reports are sent annually to all SWNZ members to enable them to compare their performance against regional benchmarks and inform the strategy for improvement. This level of transparency provides crucial insights that contribute to the collective impact. It is a world first.

A growing portion of our membership is taking the next step in climate leadership by becoming formally certified through verified carbon-auditing bodies. Currently 75 vineyards and 15 wineries hold formal carbon-management certifications in Aotearoa New Zealand.

58% of New Zealand wineries and 41% of New Zealand vineyards are implementing specific initiatives to minimise their carbon footprint.

In the 2021 season:

  • 55% of wineries are using lightweight glass bottles as one of their methods of packaging
  • 12% of wineries have installed solar energy sources
  • 34% of wineries and 21% of vineyards have energy-efficiency initiatives such as timers, transport fuel-reduction actions and staff awareness training
  • 19% of vineyards are upgrading their equipment to reduce energy consumption
  • 6% of vineyards have dedicated property plantings that act as carbon sinks
Climate Change
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