Marketing Hui - Regional Visits

It’s been a long time since we visited our regions to share our NZW Marketing plans across our key markets face-to-face. If you or your team were unable to attend a session in person, you can find a recording from our Marlborough Hui below, as well as a link to the presentation from David Downs, CEO of the New Zealand Story group.

As we’ve mentioned in previous comms, defining the essence of the New Zealand Wine brand and what makes us truly unique and distinctive on the world stage has been a key focus for the NZW Marketing team this year. How we went about it is summarised in this Q&A article in the latest NZ Winegrower magazine which can be read here.

As we share our activities, we will also have the opportunity to share alongside your regional association more of the detail on how the brand essence was defined and tested in research, and how it will be brought to life with a new visual identity. New Zealand Wine Week, held from 30 January to 3 February, will be our first global initiative that is built around the brand essence (with more to follow), so please come along to hear how it will assist your region and your wine brand tell a story of Purity, Care, and Innovation, that makes New Zealand Wine altogether unique.

Marketing Hui Slide Decks

Marketing Hui Recording
New Zealand Story CEO David Downs
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