Considerately Carbon Conscious

Climate Change

Over the past five years Omaka Springs Estates has been working to minimise and off-set our carbon (CO2) production. The team has enacted a scheme to reduce overall tractor emissions by lowering the amount of usage and making necessary usage times more efficient, thus eliminating needless carbon production and lowering diesel use. Also, we have continued the tradition of hand-harvesting which not only helps to reduce emissions and diesel use, but is also excellent for quality wine production. We are dedicated to decreasing our carbon footprint in the shipping of our wines. When shipping, our preference is to work with carbon-conscious shipping companies and partake in consolidated shipments whenever available. This year we will be exploring lighter packaging options, such as thinner glass for our bottles in an effort to reduce the overall weight of our shipments.

Though we do retail our olive oil in 500ml glass bottles, much of our olive oil is sold in 2 litre recyclable containers. We offer discounts to our customers for using the same container for their next order. By encouraging our customers to buy larger quantities in re-fillable, recyclable containers we help them to lower their carbon footprint by making fewer trips to buy the oil as well as actively promote re-using and recycling.

When wine is exported to multiple countries it means there will surely be marketing trips to follow. ¬The Omaka Springs team is committed to minimizing the amount of travel our team does.
Rather than taking many small trips throughout the year to meet our obligations, we take several, large, well-orchestrated trips. We also strive to utilize public/grouped transport and other low-CO2 producing methods when available and feasible.

Our 2,000 olive trees are probably the single largest helping hand in our efforts to become carbon neutral. Aside from their natural beauty, delicious olives, prevention of soil erosion, water recycling, and the great habitat they provide, these trees are dedicated to carbon sequestration. A single mature tree can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 22 kilos/year and release enough oxygen back into the atmosphere to support 2 human beings! Beyond this feat, the trees also absorb other harmful pollutants from the air such as sulphur dioxide, ozone, nitrogen oxides, and particulates; all while leeching potentially occurring undesirables from the environment. Such hard workers!

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