Sustainability Beyond the Borders of the Vineyard


Social Responsibility
Although the work carried out by our team throughout the year - nurturing the vines, pruning, bud rubbing, leaf plucking, bunch thinning, harvesting, fermenting, racking, marketing, planning, accounting, etc. are all very important. What we do outside the bounds of the estate is also critical to our success. At Omaka Springs, community isn’t just something we value, its something we choose to be a part of. That is why we stand committed in our continued support and sponsorship of local schools, sports teams, and clubs. We strive to establish and maintain mutually beneficial agricultural relationships with our neighbours in the valley and beyond. Our commitment to education and cultural enrichment in the community is demonstrated by our offering of opportunity for university and overseas students to complete apprenticeships in our cellar and vineyard. In a more direct fashion, vineyard owner, Geoff Jensen has provided his services to the community as a Justice of the Peace for over 19 years.

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