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GO YOU! WELLBEING WEBINAR - 2pm, 20 February 2024.  

FREE to attend, thanks to support from WorkSafe.

It's important to focus on our mental fitness as much as our physical fitness. As we work our way through various challenges and build up to vintage, this is a good time to do just this.

Wanda Douglas, registered psychologist, who spoke at Grape Days last year, will give us tips on looking after our mental health, explaining how stress and tiredness affects us, understanding each other's ups and downs and reminding us how to use the Mental Health Continuum. 

It’s important to invest time in staying both mentally and physically fit.


Staying mentally fit helps us become more robust, more productive, more positive and better prepared for life’s ups and downs. 

Our mental and physical health are very much interlinked. They can also fluctuate so it is important to recognise the signs of being unwell and reach out sooner rather than later. This can sometimes feel uncomfortable so the more we destigmatise talking about mental health the easier and better it becomes for everyone.


Download our NEW POSTERS, Staying Mentally Fit and Reach Out for your staff notice boards with tips and links to resources.

A great way to recognise the signs and help talk about your current mental health is using the Mental Health Continuum (originally developed by the Canadian Mental Health Foundation).

Mental Health Continuum

Let’s all learn these colours, so we can help ourselves and each other by talking in green, yellow, orange and red, as well as take appropriate action according to our fitness level. Download a version below. 

For professional help call 1737.

Alternatively, if you just want to bounce ideas around, have a general chat and feel connected, feel free to contact Nicky Grandorge, Leadership & Communities Manager, on 021780948 or at

St John's First Aid tips and courses (including their Mental Health First Aid course) can be found HERE.

Find out more below on the importance of mental wellbeing, useful guides and other tips on keeping yourself and others feeling well and supported.

Mental Health Continuum

  • 23 Feb 2024

    The Mental Health Continuum

    Download the continuum here. 

Wellbeing tips and resources

Helplines and websites

These websites provide great information on staying well, how to set up support systems in your workplace and professional helpline numbers.

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