Mental fitness

The key is to get into the habit of staying mentally fit.  We can be working on this even when we’re in the green zone.  Here are some ways to help do that:

The Five Ways to Wellbeing

The Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand is promoting The Five Ways to Wellbeing
Five Ways to Wellbeing
Incorporating these actions into daily life at work and at home should help promote a sense of wellbeing.

Bottles & Tanks

Our coping bottle. 

All our stresses get poured into this bottle, but if we stop and take regular breaks it’s like pouring them back out.  We've made room for the next round of pressures, life may throw at us. 

However, if we don’t take a break and the pressure keeps flowing in, we’re soon up to the neck of the bottle and very close to losing control.   

So remember to take time out or change your situation.  Declutter, release, literally pour things out, tackle an issue and rebalance. 

Our emotional tank.  

This is quite the opposite.  This time we want to fill it up. 

This is can be by spending time with people we love; doing things we love; resting our bodies and our minds and generally having fun.

These are our reserves, so when times get tough, we have resilience and strength and don’t reach empty too quickly.   

Keep topping up!  

Other ways to stay fit and well

  • Take in the view – stop, turn around and feel proud of how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved
  • Celebrate
  • Feel grateful
  • Do something nice every day – eg. phone a friend, a walk, a rest
  • Schedule ‘me’ time – it’s so important to reset and recharge
  • Have fun
  • Find what mental wellbeing activity suits you – as with maintaining physical health, there is not a one size fits all

Other resources

groov  - is headed up by John Kirwin.  There is a free public groov App.  which sends you a short message or simple call to action every day. Their philosophy is “small everyday actions help keep us well.”

groov also offers resources and services to help organisations look after their staff, ensuring they feel supported and happy in a caring workplace environment.

Jimi Hunt – Mental health change maker. A Kiwi destigmatising mental health and helping you reset via a free email programme, a book and social media.
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