Land Care

Land Care

Here at Yealands Estate Wines, we aim to leave the land better than we found it. Hence, our motto – Think Boldly, Tread Lightly. We achieve this through a wide range of initiatives and on-going projects:

• Over 25 wetlands have been established and developed at the Seaview Vineyard to boost flora and fauna diversity. As a result, Royal Spoonbills, Black Swans, Teal Ducks, White Herons, Banded Dotterels and Pied Stilts all now choose to make our wetlands their home.

• Over 175,000 native shrubs and flaxes have been planted during the past five years. These have successfully attracted the return of Bellbirds and Tuis to Seaview.

• Participation in a breeding programme for the endangered native New Zealand Falcon, the Karearea, and the releasing of chicks onto the vineyard.

• Utilising alternatives to synthetic chemicals.
o Installing solar-powered lighting in the wetlands to attract the grass grub beetles away from the vines means that we are able to reduce our use of chemical pesticide.

• The addition of chickens and miniature Kunekune pigs to provide a natural form of pest

• The introduction of a bio char unit to covert vine prunings and grape marc into a high carbon residue that can store greenhouse gases in the ground for centuries. It also lowers the soil’s acidity, facilitating water and nutrient retention. Better soil = better fruit = better wine.

• Production and application of over 10,000 tonnes of compost per annum. Combining landfill waste from other industries, such as bark, mussel shells and seaweed, with Seaview’s own grape marc has not only improved soil fertility and water retention (thereby minimising irrigation), but also reduced the need for other fertilisers.

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