Land Care

Land Care

Here at Yealands Estate Wines, we aim to leave the land better than we found it. Hence, our motto – Think Boldly, Tread Lightly. We achieve this through a wide range of initiatives and on-going projects:

• Wetlands:
New Zealand has lost a devastating 90% of its natural wetlands, so in the areas of our vineyard that are unsuitable for grape growing we are restoring vegetation and developing our twenty-five wetlands by planting native shrubs and flaxes. By restoring these habitats we are helping to preserve biodiversity and balance the ecosystem. The wetlands have multiple benefits; they provide a home for native and local birds, attract beneficial insects, absorb floodwaters, sequester carbon, filter nutrients and runoff, prevent erosion and much more.

• Butterflies: Sheltered from the harsh coastal winds is an area known as Butterfly Gully where we’ve planted over 200 New Zealand native swan plants to attract the monarch butterfly and create a safe haven for this large and beautiful species of butterfly to thrive. This protected area adds diversity to our environment and the presence of butterflies can indicate a healthy ecosystem. Butterfly Gully saw us being named as New Zealand’s first Butterfly Friendly Organisation by the Moths and Butterflies Trust of New Zealand.

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