Toitu carboNZero Certification

Climate Change
Toitu carboNZero Certification

Each year, a rigorous independent external audit reviews our ‘greenhouse gas’ emissions. These gases, which include carbon dioxide (CO2), are responsible for detrimentally affecting air quality and damaging our environmental eco-systems, including a global temperature increase.

Overseen by Enviro-Mark Solutions which is owned by Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research, one of the NZ government Crown Research Institutes.
Our carboNZero Cert TM accreditation measures the exact carbon footprint of our product lifecycle from “cradle to grave”. This means that our dry good manufacturing, production, shipping and disposal of the empty bottle are all taken into account. All unavoidable emissions, such as the production of glass bottles, freight to market and even the movements of our sales team, are also accountable during the audit. We offset these through the purchase of certified carbon credits, which include the regeneration of native forests and renewable energy generation.

Our steadfast commitment to retaining carboNZero Certification, which demands year-on-year improvement in managing and off-setting our carbon emissions, ensures that sustainability remains at the very core of our operational and strategic decisions.

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