Renewable Energy - Vine Prunings

Climate Change

Every year after harvest our vines are pruned to get them ready for the following growing season. Up to 10% of our vine prunings are baled like hay and dried, then burnt in specially built burners to create energy for heating water and glycol in the winery.
Each bale weights approximately 100 kgs and produces the equivalent heat of approximately 30 kg of LPG. We currently have two burners which are capable of offsetting 161 tonnes of CO2 per year; as a result we displace up to 54,300 kg of LPG.
The vine prunings that are not baled are mulched in the vineyard and remain in the vine rows with the aim of helping improve soil structure, retain moisture and sequester carbon. Increased soil carbon, (as soil organic matter) can be thought of as the “glue” that sticks soil particles together, creating and maintaining soil structure. If soil organic matter declines, soil quality declines.

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