New Zealand Gewurztraminer

Voluptuous in breadth and weight, with smooth texture and subtle acidity.

New Zealand winemakers have harnessed the complex and generous nature of the Gewurztraminer grape, and a range of unique expressions can be now be found throughout the country. 

Voluptuous in breadth and weight, with a smooth texture and subtle acidity, New Zealand Gewurztraminer is extremely fragrant.

Aromas of rose petals, lychee, cinnamon and ginger are typically expressed, with a palate of ripe stonefruit, sweet citrus and quince characters.

Although the volumes of Gewurztraminer being produced are tiny; it is grown throughout the country by a handful of dedicated and passionate producers.

Styles that can vary in dryness from bone dry to a sweet late harvest, though typically New Zealand Gewurztraminer is made in a dry to off-dry style.

As a naturally lower acid variety, Gewurztraminer appreciates New Zealand’s overall cooler climate and free-draining soils, while our plentiful sunshine and significant diurnal shifts emphasize the aromatic purity and fruit richness of the variety.

Climate is a major factor in defining regional styles


Gewurztraminers are highly regarded for their pure, fragrant aromatics and balanced palates with clean finishes. Several passionate producers make wines from older vines, teasing out extra complexity and nuance.

Hawke's Bay

The sunny, mild climate produces fuller-bodied, rounded wines with layered, almost oily textures, rich in ripe stonefruit, sweet citrus, jasmine, ginger spice and Turkish delight. 


A legacy of the pioneering wines of Denis Irwin in the 1970s, Gewurztraminer is a regional standout with distinctly aromatic, layered and spicy wines. Some of the country’s most critically acclaimed Gewurztraminer is made here, and it’s home to a producer dedicated solely to the variety.


Tiny plantings but strongly championed and critically recognized, Nelson achieves very good varietal expression with ripe tropical fruit, rose petal and spice notes typical.


Food matching

With heady aromatics and a bold personality, Gewurztraminer is a wonderful food-friendly wine, suiting a wide range of cuisines. Its strong personality allows it to partner richly flavoured hard cheeses, poultry and pork as well as seafood such as crab and shrimp.

When made into off-dry and sweeter styles, it can be a great foil for spicier Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, and at its sweetest and most decadent, is a wonderful match for cheeses and fruit-based desserts.

Cellaring and serving

Most New Zealand Gewurztraminers are best enjoyed within two years of vintage but top examples are capable of aging five years or more, developing further layers of complexity.

For the best drinking experience, serve New Zealand Gewurztraminer at 7 degrees Celsius/45 degrees Fahrenheit.

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