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  • 09 Nov 2021

    Generation Y-ine: Finn Horsfield

    When Finn Horsfield suffered a serious back injury, it spelled the end of his career as a builder. The young apprentice had to shut the door on the trade, and his attention turned to a previous dream of joining the wine industry.

  • 14 Oct 2021

    New Vintage: Holly West

    “As soon as I entered this industry, I felt like I belonged,” says Holly West, after she started working weekends at the Matua cellar door during her final year of high school. “I always knew that I wasn’t going to get a corporate or desk job, I wanted a job with purpose that I was passionate about.”

  • 06 Oct 2021

    Q&A with Jenny Dobson

    For Jenny Dobson, winemaking is a lifestyle, not a job. Not only is she one of New Zealand's most accomplished winemakers, but she was the first-ever female Cellar Master in Bordeaux, France.

  • 23 Sep 2021

    Rob Burley: the cool Unkel

    Rob Burley had been working in Australian wine for a few years when he began to feel like “a cog in the wheel”.

  • 21 Sep 2021

    Claire Mulholland: at home on the farm

    Hard work and a deep appreciation for the land have underpinned Claire Mulholland’s career and life.

  • 12 Sep 2021

    Brad Frederickson: Thinking Outside the Box

    Brad Frederickson is the creator and winemaker behind Outside the Box Wines, an experimental brand that questions traditional winemaking. “I’ve always questioned the rigid ways that wine has been made because ‘this is how it’s always been done’,” he says. “I like experimenting to see what else is possible.”

  • 06 Sep 2021

    High Flier: Diana Dobson’s passion job

    The unstoppable Diana Dobson - Aviary Manager of the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust – received a Queen’s Service Medal for services to wildlife conservation in June.

  • 25 Aug 2021

    The Landing Wines: Toitū Carbonzero Certification

    The Landing Wines, part of a 1000-acre coastal property in Northland, have received carbonzero certification through New Zealand’s leading certification body, Toitū Envirocare.

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