Vineyard Reports

New Zealand Winegrowers survey over 2000 of our vineyard members every year to gather data so we can compile vineyard snapshots and more detailed vineyard reports on our industry.

Vineyard area
Vineyard Register Snapshot 2020

Vineyard Register Report 2020
Key statistics:

  • The total producing area is 39,935 ha; a 2% increase on the preceding year
  • The total producing area by variety is:
    1. White wine – 32,155 ha
    2. Red wine – 7,710 ha
  • There are 2023 vineyards in NZ, with an average area of 19.3 ha
  • Marlborough remains the largest producing region at 27,808 ha - 70% of total producing area
  • Sauvignon Blanc remains the most significant variety at 25,160 ha - 63% of total producing area
  • Pinot Noir remains the most significant red variety at 5,642 ha - 14% of total producing area
  • 56% of total production area is Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc at 22,369 ha
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